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Snowdrops - Hollingbury Woods


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Want to do something to help your local woodland in 2016?


We’ll be working in Hollingbury Woods in Sheep Lane Glade planting foxgloves and also working in Burstead Woods maintaining paths and clearing Butterfly Glade.


Sunday – 6 March 2016

10:00 AM to 1:00 PM



Meet outside the old flint barn adjacent to the western entrance to the Roedale allotments at 10:00 AM.


Due to changes in weather, seasonal growth, etc, we do sometimes have to change our planned activities at the last minute, so do check the board outside the flint barn on the day, or phone 07719 943237 on the day, if lost!


Anyone wishing to come along to help or learn more about woodland management is welcome. People should come prepared. Rainwear, warm clothes, sun protection, gardening gloves and a pair of boots or wellies are recommended.



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Work sessions - 2016




Saturday - 6 February 2016


Hollingbury Woods tree planting.    

Sunday - 6 March 2016


Foxglove planting in Sheep Lane Glade. Working in Burstead Woods - path maintenance, ivy control, Butterfly Glade clearance, clearance near Pioneer House.  


Saturday - 2 April 2016


Glade clearance. 

Sunday - 1 May 2016


Glade clearance.  





For further information about a specific event or work day, please email



Rights of Way - Protected Woodland Paths


Friends of Hollingbury and Burstead Woods are applying for a number of woodland paths to be given official recognition as formal Rights of Way to protect them for future use. To demonstrate that the paths are in constant use, we need people to confirm they have walked on the paths over the last 20 years. If you feel you could offer such evidence and are willing to complete a form for Brighton and Hove Council, please contact Peter Jarman on 01273 541206 or Steve Kisko on 07958 036927. Your help will be greatly appreciated.







Who are we?

Friends of Hollingbury and Burstead Woods are a group of local people who look after two areas of woodland off Ditchling Road near Hollingbury Golf Course. The aim of the group is for people to be able to enjoy the area and for wildlife to thrive.



What we do - We meet once a month to carry out practical work in the woods, ranging from tree and hedge planting to path maintenance and litter clearance. This work is carried out under the guidance of a Brighton and Hove Park Ranger and our group’s Project Officer. 

Work sessions – On the first weekend of the month, alternating between a Saturday and a Sunday, we run work sessions from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  Gloves and tools are provided and no special skills are required - just enthusiasm!  For tasks such as tree thinning and planting a new hedge, training is given.  The work is not too arduous and everyone works at their own pace. We stop mid morning for a break and a chat, with coffee, tea and biscuits provided. See the Activities page for dates and details.






Recent activities


Improving the woodland



Chalk bank - Hollingbury Woods

Our Friends of Hollingbury and Burstead Woods group created a south-facing chalk bank at the top end of Hollingbury Park just below the golf club access road. The purpose of this bank is to encourage the growth of downland wildflowers which support some of the rarer downland butterflies and bees. We planted seeds and wildflower plugs into artificially created piles of chalk, and were extremely pleased that by mid-summer the banks were a riot of gorgeous colours with red poppies, yellow corn marigolds, white ox-eye daisies and blue cornflowers.







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